Theatre in Exile is a new theatre company based in Brooklyn, NY, whose purpose is to uncover timeless and hyper-immediate narratives of global relevance with a socio-political context that lives in the spirit of the time.

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    Rhonda Khan as the Mother Photo by Bob Coulter

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    Joy Notoma as the Narrator Photo by Bob Coulter

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    Bradley Sumner as the Big Mzungu Photo by Bob Coulter

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    Dwayne Daniels the III as the Toymaker Photo by Bob Coulter

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    Photo by Bob Coulter

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    Musical Director Lon Kaiser and guitarist Ben Tyree Photo by Bob Coulter

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    Photo by Bob Coulter

Founded in the winter of 2013 by writer and director Samuel James Wilson, TIE was designed to give artists greater autonomy in the structural and visual development of the pieces they are called to work on.  By allowing artists greater freedom, we encourage risk taking and imagination, turning our view towards the origins of theatre as a living art created by all humans that crosses ideology, borders, time and space.

The Big Mzungu of Kilwa Kivinje
Created & Directed by Samuel James Wilson
Musical Direction & Composition by Lon Kaiser
Developed & Performed by Bradley J. Sumner, Joy Notoma, Dwayne Daniels II & (Rhonda Khan?)
Poster Art by Luba Lukova


The Big Mzungu of Kilwa Kivinje is our first work as a company, and we are keen to show our project to the New York theatrical community.  Created and directed by Samuel James Wilson, with music by Lon Kaiser, performed and developed by a cast of four intrepid actors, The Big Mzungu tells the story of a white New Yorker gone to Tanzania to bury the body of his African wife in her homeland.  Along the highway B2 that runs from Dar-Es-Salaam to Mozambique, the truck in which he travels is stuck in the mud, and the Earth begins to swallow the vehicle…

Blending fable and raw storytelling, music and movement, The Big Mzungu is a timely exploration of the politics of death.

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