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Theatre In Exile / Théâtre En Exile is the theatrical project of writer and director Samuel James Wilson. The entity was created in 2013 with musician and composer Lon Kaiser, who would act as musical director for the company’s first piece, The Big Mzungu of Kilwa Kivinje, which was created and directed by S.J.W.

Theatre In Exile used to have a snazzy mandate, but in retrospect it seemed restrictive. Our mandate is to wander and explore, as the name of the company implies. We like theatre in theatres. We like theatre not in theatres. We like performance art and parties, and we love music.

We’re currently preparing for a theatrical event centered around an adaptation of Harold Pinter’s Mountain Language and we’re shooting to bring it to Brooklyn in the early months of 2015. We’ll keep you updated as events and decisions unfold.

Find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @TheatreInExile.

In the mean time, you can see highlights of The Big Mzungu in this short video:

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